Food Review: Green Pigs Kitchen Co.

Have you been wondering where to find a place for a perfect afternoon tea party? At a restaurant in Tomas Morato lies a place where you can enjoy different healthy dishes and a place to enjoy a quiet and chic afternoon tea party—Green Pigs’ Kitchen Co.

Green Pigs' is located along Scout Torillo at Tomas Morato, Quezon City. With approx. 15-20 seats inside, it has a French-style interiors with different collections of tea cups, tea pots, figurines and classy decorations that makes the ambiance chic.

What to love: They served different comfort food inspired with Italian and Asian cuisine. As they also promote healthy eating, they also served healthy dishes made with fresh ingredients. Tea lover like me? Enjoy different flavors of imported tea and delicious cupcakes and sandwiches to complete a perfect afternoon tea party.

Here are some of the dishes available here at Green Pigs’ Kitchen:

Baked Caprese Dip

Baked Caprese Dip (Php 165.00) – Served with slices of baguette. The caprese dip have slices of tomatoes and loaded with Mozarella cheese that makes this appetizer delicious. Who wouldn’t love cheese right?

Tuna Salpicao

Tuna Salpicao (Php 265.00) – Served with your preferred kind of rice (either white rice or brown rice) and with chopped tomatoes as side dish.

Rosemary Chicken

Rosemary Chicken (Php 245.00)
– Enjoy the aroma and taste of Rosemary herbs with the soft meat of chicken.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs (Php 435.00)
– The meat is really soft and aside from that, it has less beef fats so you’ll enjoy the dish with less fat. Enjoy this dish with veggies and mashed potatoes as side dish.

Baked Creamy Sole

Baked Creamy Sole (Php 260.00) – My favorite dish here at Green Pigs’. The creamiest of the dish added flavor to the very delicious fish.

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Scampi (Php 250.00)
– The sauce of the pasta is not the usual with sweet-style sauce which Filipinos would love. It’s more of Italian-style taste with some tomato chunks and shrimps.

Mango Pudding

Mango Pudding
– This dessert is very refreshing. You’ll love the layers of jellies with cream and fresh mangoes.

Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee
– It may not too sweet, but I would actually enjoy it if they would add a bit sweetness to make this perfect. I am a fan of not-to-sweet desserts but for me this Crème Brulee needs more sweetness. The burnt sugar on top for me is too hard to cut/scoop using teaspoon.

Aside from the dishes, you can also enjoy an afternoon tea party here at Green Pigs’. For as low as Php 500.00, you can enjoy 2 three-layered sandwich and cupcake holder with assorted desserts and sandwiches plus a flavor of tea of your choice, good for 2 persons.
You will surely love their tea sets displayed in their restaurant. They are available to be purchased if you wish to avail them. Perfect for gifts to your friends and relatives.

Price wise, it is worth the money especially their Afternoon Tea Party package. Very affordable compared to other tea shops (which also offers tea party packages) which cost a lot for a cup of tea only. They also have a great service and accommodating staffs.
If you are a fan of tea party, or just the tea alone, loves to eat comfort food and you happened to be at Tomas Morato, Green Pigs’ Kitchen and Co. is a place to try!

Green Pigs' Kitchen Co.
Opening hours: 11AM-9PM, Opens everyday except Sundays
U2 G/F Triple A Health Plaza, 36 Scout Torillo Street, Quezon City
0917 7952658 | 0917 8425659 | (02) 501 2683
WiFi ✔ | Air-Conditioned ✔ | Service Charge

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