Unique Gift for Valentines Day: Choco-Roach

Are you looking for something unique for a Valentine's Day gift? Is your special someone a chocolate lover? If so, this unique chocolate will bring something memorable gift for this Valentine's Day - The Choco-Roach.

Introducing the CHOCO-ROACH from Magaul Bird Park at Jest Camp. You might be asking 'is it a real cockroach?' It's actually not. Choco-roach are real chocolates inspired by the cockroaches survived when United States  dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945. In short, Choco-Roach is another way of telling to your special someone that your love can survive any obstacles.
Choco-Roach comes with gift packages:
  • For Php 499.00, the gift package includes : Choco-Roach and not a cockroach covered with chocolate, a colorful certificate sent to your Loved-one announcing that a cockroach has been named in his or her honor.
  • You can also avail the Php 999.00  gift package: Choco-Roach package with Magaul Bird Park Admission (so they can visit their cockroach namesake) for two aside from the colorful certificate and the choco-roach itself.
By buying the Choco-Roach, you will not only give a very memorable and unique Valentine's Gift. The proceeds will help in animal conservation under the care of Magaul Bird Park.
For more details:
0917 9048777 or 0922 3844227
You can buy it online at:

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