Food Review: Dairy Queen Loacker Blizzards

Are you an ice cream fan like me? If yes, then I guess Dairy Queen is been one of your favorite stores for your ice cream cravings. Just this month of February 2015, Dairy Queen (DQ) launched their new blizzard flavor-of-the-month: The Loacker Blizzard.

"Loacker. You mean, the wafers?" Yes it is. Dairy Queen associated Loacker's Quadratini (thin, cube-shaped layers of wafers) to their blizzard and launched it as a new flavored blizzard. It's another ice cream mix brought to you by DQ which is really worth the try. Loacker Blizzard comes in 3 different flavors:

Chocolate Loacker Blizzard

Chocolate Loacker Blizzard - Very chocolatey. Its actually not sweet as you can imagine if you would hear the word "chocolate." If you prefer of having your ice cream as not to sweet, I would prefer this flavor for you.

Vanilla Loacker Blizzard
Vanilla Loacker Blizzard - My most favorite among the three. As an ice cream lover, I prefer my ice cream as not too sweet or not lacking of sweetness. Just exact sweetness for me. I find this flavor very interesting and been my favorite because it emphasizes the taste for the wafer much more.

Strawberry Loacker Blizzard

Strawberry Loacker Blizzard - It's been everyone's favorite because of the powerful taste of the strawberry combined with the chunkiness of the wafer. I just find it too sweet for me but manageable. There are bits of strawberries on the ice cream that surely everyone will enjoy.

Aside from these 3 blizzards, Dairy Queen also have their new sets of cakes especially for this heart month. Each cake size is 8 inches:

Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake

Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake - For the Oreo cookies lover out there, these cake is for you. I only find these cake a bit weird for my taste. But overall, its a good cake to try.

KitKat Strawberry Blizzard Ice Cram Cake

KitKat Strawberry Blizzard Ice Cram Cake - Among the 2 cakes, this one is my favorite. The taste of the strawberry is very tasty. Perfect for some ice cream cake cravings for this love month.

The prices for the new Blizzard flavor are still the same. Php 49.00 for Mini, Php 69.00 for Regular, Php 79.00 for Medium and Php 99.00 for Large. The cakes costs at Php 749.00. If you also want to order more of these cakes for occasions or events, just go to the nearest Dairy Queen stores near you to inquire and order.

Be sure to try these new flavors by Dairy Queen! Share the love and have fun every dairy!

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