Food Review: Yakimix Sushi-Smokeless Grill Restaurant

Yakimix Sushi-Smokeless Grill Restaurant is one of the known buffet restaurant within Metro Manila. Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine - all in one restaurant. So what's special with Yakimix compared to other buffet restaurants around? You can grill food on your own table. After knowing this feature about Yakimix, I decided to head out and went to Yakimix branch at The Podium.

Yakimix is a buffet restaurant with 10 branches around Metro Manila. I happened to visit their branch at The Podium, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City. At The Podium branch, seats are plenty and the whole restaurant is spacious and classy.

Food - Just like other buffet restaurants, Yakimix serves a wide range of food and drinks. You can have a taste of Japanese dishes, Korean dishes and Chinese cuisine. Fan of sushi? They have a wide variety of different sushi here at Yakimix. Enjoy different kinds of korean soups, noodles, and also desserts.


Wide variety of Sushi at their Sushi Counter. It's almost 10PM when I took this photo that's why the food is almost running out.

At Yakimix, you can have your favorite food grilled at your own table. Staffs will set up the built-in grill at your table. Choose from different food that you wish to grill -  seafood, fish cuts, bacon, different food on sticks, and so much more. Have fun grilling them and eat them hot and fresh.

Food tasting - Some of the food actually taste kinda plain. Their sushi however, some of them are really delicious and some of them are actually not.  What's great about Yakimix is that the food and desserts are plenty so you can actually have a try of each food and choose which one you prefer the most. For the food to be grilled, all of them are fresh. What I recommend is to try those on-sticks and meat cuts to grill. Yakimix only have soft drinks, juices coffee and tea for the drinks. Their desserts are actually really good - especially their leche flan. They served slices of cake and ice cream, candies, and other desserts. 

One of the things I like here at Yakimix is the price. They have lower rates compared to other buffet restaurants I happened to try. For only Php 558.00 (Lunch) / Php 658.00 (Dinner), you can enjoy their different dishes and grill your favorite food here at Yakimix.


Some point to improved: My friend tried to reserved a table for 2. The staff said that they can only do the reservation for minimum of 4 persons only. The staff also assured us that we will be seated as soon as possible since they have a lot of tables. But to our dismay, we actually waited for more than an hour so we can be seated. Hoping that Yakimix here at Podium will also accommodate reservation for 2 persons soon.

Yakimix is a must-try buffet, especially when you are on a budget, loves grilled food and a fan of Asian cuisine. Yakimix caters 3 different cuisines in one restaurant. They are also have lots of branches around Metro Manila so you can have your lunch/dinner here. We will surely drop by here again soon!

Yakimix Sushi-Smokeless Grill Restaurant
Opening Hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
The Podium branch: 5th Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City
Reservation: Recommended
Contact number/s: (02) 634-0302 | (02) 806-4331 
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