Vamos A Malolos: Celebrating the Renaissance City

Vamos A Malolos! (meaning "Tara na sa Malolos!" in Tagalog and "Let's go Malolos!" in English) is the city's tourism slogan projecting Malolos as historical tourism destination in this part of Luzon. Vamos A Malolos! Both slogan and a festival features three distinct highlights that put focus on the significance and spirit the city and the people: "Parangal sa Kongreso," "Pistang Pasko sa Malolos," and "Fiesta Republica."

Taking the initiative of Hon. City Mayor Atty Christian D. Natividad to make Malolos City a key destination for art, history and culture lovers, the City of Malolos's Office-Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (CMO-ACTO) designed "Vamos A Malolos" as a festival of arts, culture and tourism events to boost the city's historical and cultural attractions in the local and international arena.

 Hon. City Mayor Atty Christian D. Natividad for Vamos A Malolos 2015.

The highlights of "Vamos A Malolos" include "Parangal sa Kongreso," "Pistang Pasko sa Malolos," and "Fiesta Republica" with "Bayanihang Baranggay" as the underlying theme.

Parangal sa Kongreso
Commemorates the founding of the historic Malolos Congress. It drumbeats the celebration of Fiesta Republica to happened in January of the following year. From September to November, various cultural and tourism activities focusing on history, heritage and tradition are happening in the city. Visitors via packaged tours may enjoy walk-touring the city and experience Lakbay-Republika historical tour.

Under Parangal sa Kongreso are some of the activities happened in this event:

Lakbay-Kasaysayan - A historical tour of the city to be participated in by public and private elementary and secondary students of the city.

Pamanang Malolos - Launching ceremony of Malolos historical landmarks and Buffet Dinner with the homeowners of the Heritage Houses in Malolos which are mostly the birthplace of local heroes of Malolos.

Pistang Pasko sa Malolos
Celebrates the Christmas fever in the city. Various events involving the different barangays in the city welcomes the holiday season with hope and enthusiasm- Parada ng Parol (Dec 1), Christmas D├ęcor Contest (Dec 16), Pistang Bayan Ng Malolos (Dec 8), and Viva Malolos! Citihood Anniversary (Dec 18). For the year 2014, Project Luntiang Malolos is the culminating activity of this year’s Christmas festival.

Under Pistang Pasko sa Malolos are some of the activities happened in this event:

Bayanihang Baranggay Sa Malolos - Barangay Hall Christmas Decor Contest.

 Luntiang Malolos.

Fiesta Republica
A national celebration of Philippine history in the City of Malolos. Conceived to arouse the consciousness of the Filipino people on the significance of the founding of the First Philippine Republic (a.k.a. Malolos Republic) on the 23rd of January 1899 that took place at the Barasoain Church as the first democratic constitution in the whole continent of Asia and Africa, the festival involves the participation of the different provinces, cities and municipalities from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Set from January 17 to 23 of every year, the festival is a week-long activity featuring various socio-historico-cultural events that culminates in the celebration of Araw ng Republikang Filipino 1899.

Under Fiesta Republica are the activities happened during this event:

Ginoo at Binibining Republica Filipina - Candidates, Male and Female, representing the different Provinces and Cities in the country compete to become the year’s Festival King and Queen.

Dulansangan - A National street dance-drama competition.

Pasiklaban ng mga Banda - Also enjoined by the different Brass Bands coming from the different parts of the country, this event revives the Brass Band Festival introduced by Gen Emilio Aguinaldo in the early 1900’s in Malolos.

With all these cultural treasures, events, fiestas, will make visitors appreciate the City of Malolos. Hopefully, "Vamos a Malolos!" will give them the chance not just to experience history but renewals in Filipino pride, not only learning but appreciation, not just pleasure but awe. It rekindles the rebirth of our heart and spirit as a Filipino. Vamos a Malolos!

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