Food Review: Enjoy a Taiwanese Cuisine at Yen Yen

Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Italian dishes are too mainstream for you? How about having a taste of Taiwanese cuisine? Here at Yen Yen, you can have a taste for these different Taiwanese dishes and also enjoy some exotic dishes which you might tell to yourself, "Oh my, it's surprisingly delicious!"

Yen Yen served quick bites of different Taiwanese dishes/street food, located at Little Baguio, San Juan City. With approximately 36 people can accommodate inside, it's their new location of their store after their re branding.

Yen Yen is serving wide variety of Taiwanese dishes - from rice meals to their specialties, from noodles to soups, from dimsum to exotic dishes and from drinks to desserts. Of course, we tried some of the dishes which makes Yen Yen a must-dine place:

Craving for some fried rice? These Taiwan Special Fried Rice is perfect for you! The flavor of the rice is powerful with added kick from the onion leaves. Perfect with their other fried dishes. Serving is good for 2-3 persons.

My favorite of all! Presenting their very crispy and very delicious Taiwan Pork/Chicken Chop. You can taste the powerful flavor of pepper but it really complimented well with the crispiness of the dish. I recommend to try these dish especially their Chicken Chop. It's simply delicious and juicy. Also, it's perfect with their different sauces: Wasabi Mayo, Garlic Sauce and Chili Sauce. All sauces are spicy and for me, my favorite is the Wasabi Mayo to pair with the meat chops.
Wasabi Mayo, Garlic Sauce and Chili Sauce

I can't imagine myself tasting an exotic dish (for me). I am not a fan for eating pork intestines, blood, liver and other parts of a pork/chicken aside from the meat. But this Hot and Spicy Pork Blood and Intestine is surprisingly good. The dish is very spicy so you should have a taste first. Quite oily as it looks, but very delicious especially for those who love Dinuguan. This dish is a must-try.

Another one-of-a-kind dish! This Stir-fry Pork Kidney is I guess second of my favorite here at Yen Yen. Yes I'm not a fan of eating this kind of dish, but as soon as I tasted it, I really didn't regret. The pork kidney is very soft and tasty. It doesn't have an after-taste which happened if the dish is not cooked well. The flavor of the garlic gives this dish an extra kick.

For those who love noodle soup, this Taipei Braised Beef Noodle Soup is for you. Served hot and perfect for cold weather. They used Taiwanese noodles for this dish. Simply delicious.

Craving for some pancit? Taiwan Sate Chami is for you! This dish is loaded with meat chops and vegetables which makes this dish very delicious. Seving is also good for 1-2 persons.

Of course, your Taiwanese cuisine adventure would not be perfect if you haven't try these Boiled Dumplings! This simple and made-from-scratch boiled dumplings is made of pork meat and some vegetables. These dish is made by one of the co-owners of the restaurant. Very fresh and perfect with or without the sauce.

Also enjoy these Green Iced Tea. It's a must-try drink that they served at Yen Yen. It comes in regular or bottomless.

For the list of menu and their prices, go to:

You might say that there's nothing special inside Yen Yen, but they ensure the cleanliness of the place. It's air-conditioned and the seats are well-spaced. The price of the dishes is also very affordable. And some of their dishes comes with regular serving (solo) or serving good for 2-3 people. Also, some celebrities are dining to this place and order some of their well-known dishes.

If you are looking for some Taiwanese cuisine experience, Yen Yen is a must-try! They are located at P.Guevarra corner Wilson Street, Little Baguio, San Juan City. They are open from 11AM - 11PM.

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