Food Review: Agico Vegetarian Cafe

It's my first time to eat in a vegetarian restaurant! Well, I have an impression already that when it comes to vegetarian dishes, the meat will be replaced by either tofu or mushrooms. Either way, I am so curious about this vegetarian cafe located at the heart of San Juan City: the Agico Vegetarian Cafe.
Agico Vegetarian Cafe is a vegetarian cafe, with approx. 30+ people to accommodate inside their cafe at Addition Hills, San Juan City. Agico may sounds like some Japanese term, but it actually comes from the different first name initials of the family that owns this cafe. They promote healthy eating through serving combined meals that are both heavy and healthy with good mix of meat and vegetables. They served some Japanese cuisines and of course healthy dishes.

Since the cafe is not near to any big/national roads, this is a very cozy cafe, perfect for a dining experience with a peace of mind. You can also enjoy the wall murals, the signage and their bright lightnings at the cafe.

Of course I am very much excited! Since it's my first time, I am quite surprised with the dishes served here at Agico Vegetarian Cafe. To start it of, they served us these very tasty sushi:

Crispy California Maki
Crispy California Maki - who wouldn't love eating California Maki? But what I do love about these dish is that very crispy topping on top. Its so crunchy and perfect with the combined mangoes, carrots, cucumber and wrapped with nori and Japanese Rice. For me, it leaves me craving for some more.

Philadelphia Torch Maki
Philadelphia Torch Maki - Well, its one of my favorite dish here at Agico's. The mixture of the maki taste plus that torched cream cheese on top is very tasty.

The Japanese dishes would not be completed if we didn't try these two dishes:

Gyoza - The mushroom inside this dish is delicious combined with the sauce especially made for this dish. Perfect to eat while its still hot.


Takoyaki - Oh my, this Takoyaki dish is very good! Not far from the original taste of Takoyaki which used octopus as its meat. Its very crunchy on the outside but very soft and juicy inside. They actually recommended this dish as a must-try and indeed it is!

Tofu Steak

Tofu Steak - Very crunchy! It is topped with some bell peppers and chopped mushrooms with a very tasty sauce that adds taste to this crispy dish.
Barbeque - Yup, you heard it right! These mystery Barbeque (as the owner told to us), is made of soy milk. Tasty and good for people who craves for some barbeque.
Beef Salpicao

Beef Salpicao - "Beef". Of course the meat here is not beef. Its made of tofu and what surprised me is as I tasted the "meat," its almost the same taste as a beef ham. For me, if you have someone who's not fan of eating veggies, try ordering these dish for them!

Fan of eating burgers? Do Agico Vegetarian Cafe have them? Yes, they have. Presenting these burgers which when you order them, it has a side dish that is perfect for the kind of burger you ordered:

Ramen Burger
Ramen Burger - These ramen burger is served with a crispy noodles as the 'burger buns.' Served with some mushrooms, veggies, meet-free patty and a slice of cheese, this burger is perfect if you are craving for something unique taste of burgers! It is served with a very warm miso soup as its side dish.

Crunchy Mushroom Burger
Crunchy Mushroom Burger - The mushroom patty of this burger is very very crispy! with some veggies on the burger and also vegetables served as its side-dish.

Bacon Mushroom Burger
Bacon Mushroom Burger - Bacon? Yes, its exactly looks and taste like a bacon! But of course, a vegetarian cafe won't served a bacon, right? What the owner mentioned is that, the "bacon" in this burger is made of a plant and she did her best to make it look like a real bacon. Until now, I am wondering what kind of plant is that (hehe). These 'bacon,' mushroom, vegetables, cheese and meat-free patty combination is perfect. It has potatoes as its side dish.

Samurai Wakame Burger
Samurai Wakame Burger - With fried nori as its side dish. Also perfect for people looking for some unique taste of burgers.

Here at Agico's, they served different types of drinks. From coffee to cold drinks, and also to different fruit juice extracts. They also have tasty desserts.

Apple Walnut Cupcake
Apple Walnut Cupcake - This egg-free dessert is not too sweet but its yummy. Its surprisingly moist and perfect to eat while its hot.

Hot Coffee Latte
Hot Coffee Latte - because that time, I crave for something hot, I tried this coffee latte.

Dark Belgian Chocolate (left) and White Chocolate Mocha (right), perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers.

Fresh and quality dishes and reasonable prices are what Agico Vegetarian Restaurant also offers.  Servings are big, perfect for sharing. Also for persons who are very conscious with their health and also fond of eating vegetarian dishes, Agico is a place to visit.

Agico Vegetarian Cafe is located at Araullo Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City. They are also planning to expand their stores soon on BGC or Makati. They are open daily from 10AM to 10PM. Parking slots, and Wifi are available. They also cater delivery services.

Contact numbers: 02 2469069 ext:227

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