Food Review: The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp

Have you experienced a one-of-a-kind Filipino talent showcased in a Filipino Restaurant? Yes, it do exist! The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp restaurant is one of the unique restaurants around Metro Manila that serves authentic Filipino cuisines while enjoying every chefs and waiters as they sing your favorite songs!

The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp is located at Roxas Boulevard Corner Santa Monica Street, San Jose, Pasay City. Very accessible if you will be coming from Gil Puyat, Makati or through Roxas Boulevard. This restaurant is easy to locate and for sure you and your family and balikbayans will surely love this place!

The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp has a seating capacity of approx. 270 people. The said restaurant is also great for venues like meeting, gatherings, etc as it can accommodate plenty of people inside the area.

Aside from being a restaurant that serves authentic Filipino dishes, the restaurant is famous for their singing staffs. They sing different genre of songs, perform dances and play musical instruments, live while you are having a perfect lunch/dinner. These staffs are well-trained and very talented.

Their cuisines are very homey, very Pinoy and very tasty. Every dishes served are freshly-cooked. Here are the dishes that we tried:

This Green Mango Salad is very perfect as appetizer.  There's a kick in the dish as the combination of the salted egg, green mango, seaweed and the shrimp paste is perfect together with the eggplant that serves as a platter for the whole dish. The serving is almost good for 2 persons already.
I really like the taste of this Crispy Chicken Skin. It's not like those ordinary chicken skin that is being sold elsewhere which is too oily and too thin. This one got my expected taste for chicken skin. Its not oily or too dry for me. Perfect with their vinegar sauce.

This Pancit Musiko is a combination of sweet and salty taste. With flat noddles, squid meatballs, chicken liver, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and scrambled egg. This dish reminds me of a Korean dish. The meatballs is big and the noodles are plenty.


Their Pakbet Tagalog is simply delicious. Reminds me of my mom's dish. What's good with this were the vegetables are not overcooked and not raw also. The dish also have plenty of different kinds of vegetables and the taste the bagoong shrimp paste combined makes this dish taste more native. The pork and the shrimp are soft to bite.

This Beef Kare-Kare is one of my favorite dish in this restaurant for me. The beef is really soft, the peanut gravy is really tasty, and the vegetables are crispy to bite. And don't forget to match this with their special bagoong. This dish is not too oily and is served in a hot clay pot, good for 3-4 persons already. Very, very perfect with rice!

Enjoy this delicious feast in a bilao! Their Ihaw-ihaw Specials is a combination of grilled/fried meat, fish, and seafood, top it with some seaweed and served it with 3 kinds of sauces in a bilao. This dish is perfect for sharing and will be always perfect with rice! Each kind of meats and seafood are well-cooked.

This Lechon Chicken Tinupig is one of my favorite dishes too. Looks plain? You might change your mind after you have a bite. The meat of the chicken tasted really  good. You can taste the coconut milk and the spices and the aroma of the banana leaves. It is juicy and tender and again, perfect with rice.

You won't get disappointed with their very crispy, deep-fried Bangus Crispy Belly. You don't have to worry about the fish bone as it is a boneless bangus (milkfish). It is literally crispy as you bite. The saltiness of the coating is perfect and it's deep-fried but not oily.

This very thick Lechon Kawali is also very crispy. The taste is not plain and the meat is generously thick.

You can't complete this awesome dining experience without their refreshing drinks and desserts! The restaurant serves different kinds of beverages. They also serve shakes like mine, a mango shake. Very perfect to dilute the saltiness of the above dishes and very refreshing for a hot weather.

This Buco Pandan dessert got the sweetness that I really like. Its not too sweet and makes you crave for some more. It has a very generous amount of coconut strips, pandan-flavored jelly, tapioca pearl balls and their sweet cream salad. The pandan is well mixed with their cream, the tapioca pearl balls is soft and not overcooked.

Their Sorbetes at Turon is a perfect combination. Inside the rolls, you can taste the fried banana, ube and the langka (jackfruit). Its perfect to eat while its hot to enjoy the crispiness of the wrap and combine them with a taste of the ice cream.

For me, the prices are a bit high. But as you look at how the food is served and the servings of the dishes, I think it is worth it. Mostly, the dishes they served are perfect for sharing. You can also have a chance to enjoy the ambiance and their staffs as they sing different songs while you are eating. The staffs too are very hospitable, always smiling and very polite. I would recommend this place for those people with friend/s or relatives from other countries or balikbayans to have a perfect lunch or dinner here.

The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp is open everyday from 11 AM to 3 PM for lunch and 6 PM to 10 PM for dinner. They are also open for functions. Hit like on their Facebook page and follow them on Zomato for more information. Enjoy your eating experience with a mix of entertainment at The Singing Cooks and Waiters Atbp!

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