Teppanyaki at its Best: Teppanyaki Xpress Review

Looking for a Japanese restaurant around Quezon Avenue, Quezon City? Heads-up to Fisher Mall at Quezon Avenue and you will find Teppanyaki Xpress! You can have your favorite Japanese dishes here! They are popular to serve different varieties of Teppanyaki, freshly served for you!

Teppanyaki Xpress is located at 2nd Floor, Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City. With approx. 50 persons, they can accommodate people inside and outside the restaurant as they also have an outdoor seating to offer.

Teppanyaki Xpress has a wide range of Japanese dishes to choose from. They also have different varieties of Teppanyaki (a style of Japanese cuisine that uses iron griddle to cook food). Alongside with the teppanyaki, they also have different sushi dishes, noodles and soups, sashimi and other Japanese dishes.

Here are some of my favorite dishes at Teppanyaki Xpress:

Their wide range of Sushi flavors are good. I've been to different Japanese restaurants already but some of the Sushi served here are unique and I haven't tasted before. Their Spicy Salmon Sushi is a must-try especially for those people who are fond of eating spicy dishes. I also tasted their Gyuniku Chizu Beef with Cheese. It's a sushi with thinly sliced beef and cheese inside. The taste is very unique and not contrasting.

As what I mentioned above, they have a very wide variety of Teppanyaki dishes. Each order of Teppanyaki comes with Japanese plain rice, soup, and vegetables. What I generally love with their Teppanyaki is that they are served hot, the meat is very soft and very juicy unlike others that are too dry to eat. 

They have Hotatagai (scallops) teppan, Angus Beef teppan, Pork teppan, Chicken teppan, Ika (shrimp) teppan, and their very unique Shishamo (Pregnant Fish). I am really not fond of eating fish but I find the pregnant fish very tasty. It's literally pregnant because it still have eggs inside. The fish is well-cooked and delicious.

They also have different kinds of Sashimi dishes. They are freshly-cut and match them with their soy sauce which is exclusive from Taiwan. Taiwan soy sauce is very unique and tasty unlike the Japanese soy sauce.

They also served other Japanese dishes or their A la Carte. Their shrimp tempura is very big. Their Okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake with vegetable and seafood) is suprisingly delicious. It is also served with generous amount (approx. 5) Okonomiyaki per plate. If you are a rice-lover, order their Chahan (Japanese fried rice) which comes with a flavor you prefer: beef, chicken or shrimp.

Their Dancing Egg is very tasty also and well-match with the sauce. Their miso soup is served hot but I guess I'm not that fond of the soup.

For the list of menu, go to https://www.zomato.com/manila/teppanyaki-xpress-west-triangle-quezon-city/.

What I generally love about the restaurant (except the food) is the restaurant's ambiance. They also have some different Japanese items as a display in the restaurant. Also, you can watch as the chef prepare the Teppanyaki dishes for you. For the prices, I must say they are a bit higher other than other Japanese restaurants but you won't regret it because its worth it. Their servings for the dishes are big.

So if you happened to be around Quezon Avenue and craving for some Japanese food experience, go to Teppanyaki Xpress! Enjoy their dishes with your family and friends! They are open from 10AM-10PM everyday.

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