Taco Bell: Meaty Grillers Review

Are you a fan of tacos and burritos? Taco Bell is one of the known shops to cater delicious Tacos and Burrito snacks outside the country. With its branches here in the Philippines, they launched their new dish to be added on their menu: The Meaty Grillers.

Taco Bell Meaty Grillers has layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all wrapped in a tortilla and grilled. It is freshly served from the grill so you can enjoy the food while its still hot!

Meaty Grillers comes with 2 different variants: The Pork Steak N' Onion and Chili Cheese Potato Griller.

Pork Steak N' Onion

Can't live without rice? This Pork Steak N' Onion griller is for you! It has Fiesta Rice, Pork BBQ Toppings, Pepper Jack Sauce, and Diced Onions wrapped in a flour tortilla. The pork is soft to bite and the combination of the dishes together with the sauce complimented well.

Chili Cheese Potato Griller

This Chili Cheese Potato meaty griller is my favorite of the 2. It has Chili beef, Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Potato Bites and wrap in flour tortilla. It is quite spicy but you can taste all the flavors inside. I really love the softness of the potatoes and the amount of beef is very generous. The combination of the cheese and the sauce is very tasty. And its not oily as what it looks like.

You can order this meaty grillers for their A la Carte price for as low as Php 85.00. The meaty grillers are heavy enough for lunch or dinner so it is worth the money plus its very delicious. Also, they have a Combo Price for Php 149.00 - A meaty griller of your choice, crunchy taco and a drink. You can have Php 14.00 savings!

Their crunchy taco is worth Php 49.00 which you can enjoy a crunchy corn taco shell filled with seasoned beef, crispy shredded lettuce and cheddar cheese. It won't be perfect without ordering your favorite drink.

Taco Bell has 2 branches situated inside the Gateway Mall at Cubao, Quezon City: one is at the Ground level (which served breakfast) and one at the 3rd floor, Food Express. They also have 6 Taco Bell kiosk inside the Smart-Araneta Coliseum and also at Level 2 of Trinoma Mall. They are open within the mall hours.

Hurry up and try their new Meaty Grillers! Share also your experience and your insights about their new delicacy!

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