For the Love of Food: Welcome to Zomato!

Have you tried searching for a restaurant around Metro Manila in the search engine, and seeing as the first link in search results? After you opened it, you will be seeing detailed information about the restaurant you are looking for?

Founded last July 2008 at New Delhi, India, Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery place, with information for over 285,400 restaurant across 17 countries. It's a one stop site/mobile app to locate your favorite restaurant - with detailed information and reviews.

The website and app are extremely easy to use and users can explore a whole range of restaurants within their country, choice of cuisine, location and budget.

With different things that you ca do with it, Zomato users can enjoy the site/mobile app. They ensure that every meal, for all their users, is a great experience:
  • Find the best restaurants nearby - with Zomato's search engine, you can filter the location, cuisine or dish, or even the exact name of the restaurant.
  • See detailed restaurant info, and thousand of scanned menus - Opening hours, contact details, updated menus, photos, location map, price ranges, and cuisine types are some of the things you will be seeing in each restaurant pages on their site. You will be seeing also the restaurant's Facebook page (if there's any) so you can also give a 'Like' and follow the restaurant's latest updates.
  • Discover restaurants according to your mood - with Zomato's Collections. Each collection have their different filters such as outlets with Korean Barbeque, Fine-Dining, 24-Hour Restaurants, Romantic, Sports Bar, Wine Bars, Great Breakfast, Pocket friendly, and much more.
  • Follow foodies for trusted reviews - You can read some reviews from different Food bloggers as they leave a comment for the restaurant. It can help you to gain ideas to choose which restaurant you wanted to go.
  • Create your own personal diary - You can bookmark which restaurant you wanted to go and mark a restaurant if you have been there.
  • Share your gastronomic journey with your friends - Share your insights and pictures,  rate the restaurant and tag your friends. You can also share your zomato reviews in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Last October 21, Zomato undergo rebranding and introduced their new logo. Founder & CEO Deepinder Goyal explained Zomato's rebranding:

Zomato was built for the love of food – the one thing that stirs universal emotion (probably matched only by the universality of sex, sports and music). Our fondest memories are intricately woven with those of the people we were with, and the food we loved. Our food stories are perhaps the most told stories.

Putting down why we exist, is liberating. We want people to spend more time with each other than with their phones (ironically, by means of our app on your phone). And while we are at it, we will try to ensure that every meal, for everyone, is a great experience. We raise the bar for the restaurant industry by making restaurants accountable to their customers. We guide people to places that help create unique and memorable food experiences for our users, and provide a platform for critical feedback to reach places that don't.

Meet the Heart, our new logo.
Inline image 1

This logo transcends languages and cultures. It captures the story of millions of meals and experiences being shared with a vast global community of people. The story of “people and food”.

It signifies our connection with those who share our passion for food. People who love, and live, to eat. The ones who diligently chronicle their food experiences so that others are able to make better choices. Because people who love to eat are always the best people.

Our world has been, and will continue to be, built around conversations over great meals. History, whenever written, has always begun with a toast, followed by a feast.

Be part of the growing community of Zomato Foodies! Register here at Share your reviews, pictures, and locate the restaurant that you wanna dine with your friends, family and even for yourself alone.

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