The Things I Learned at 1st Professional Blogging Summit

I got really excited after I received a message from Ma'am Janette Toral of Digital Filipino saying that I am one of the attendees for the event. As a person who is in 2 years in blogging, I still consider myself as a newbie especially I only became active this 2014. Being one of the attendees of Professional Blogging Summit is an opportunity to learn things from my fellow bloggers.

Last October 18, 2014, Professional Blogging Summit was held at A. Venue Mall, Makati Ave, Makati City. I hurriedly went to the event. Even though I started traveling by 11am and due to the heavy traffic at Valenzuela (which is actually no accidents happened, just the slow and inattentive traffic enforcers), I am 5 minutes late from the time of the event.

There are so many things I did learn from the Blogger's Summit:
  • The first talk was from Azrael Coladilla of Azrael's Merryland. Yes, I know Az since he's one of the organizer of Philippine ToyCon which is a yearly event about toys, collections, cosplay and pop-culture and also on which I am participating for about 2 years by covering the event and also by cosplaying. From him, I learned the importance of building relationship to other people.
  • Also I learned from Azrael is the importance of Social Media to communicate with other readers, businesses, and to ordinary people.
  • From the question and answer part, what captures my attention about what Azrael said is that, when you are doing a review about something and you happened to see a downside of a place/product/food/etc, never blog about it: but instead approach or send a personal message to the management so that they can be more aware of it and gives them more room for improvement.
  • The second talk was from Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas. He explained how his blog turned to a community blog that unites bloggers by sharing their articles and stories.
  • Even he was involve to so many issues which he said was made by other bloggers, Ross doesn't stop for doing the things that he wants. There might be people who hates someone but it should not stop you from doing what you really want to do.
  • Communication and giving/receiving proposals is one way of engaging to other people. Sharing ideas and also grabbing the chance to interact with different businesses/companies/pr managements is one of the things that helps Ross to improve.
  • JL Aquino, a blogger and also a social media strategist of Vidanes Artist Management, gave a short talk about what bloggers should always keep in mind to help them expand their network. Exchange calling cards and communicate with other bloggers/people and be neutral.
  • Be humble and don't look down on the newbies. Everyone started for being a newbie! Be an inspiration to them and you can also give help and advice for them.
  • Don't overpromise, don't gatecrash to the events, and blog for your readers and not anything else. JL noted this for the bloggers attended the conference. It's one of the things that bloggers should remember.
  • Joseph Cham of, one of the known fashion blogger, gave a short talk about how to market your blog and blog etiquette. In marketing your blog, be marketable, focus on quality and originality, and be visible like attending events, mingle with other bloggers, attend talks, etc.
  • Joseph also gave importance about what bloggers should remember about Blog Etiquette. Be nice to everyone, post consistency and with good quality, the ultimate social media rule: think before you click, and be updated on the latest trends.
  • Jeoff Solas Liberating Jepoy, teaches each of us about being a PR Friendly blog. You should pay attention to the subject, work on relationship, love your brand and blog about your passion.
  • Sai Montes, a fashion blogger and a make-up artist  from Fashion By Sai shares the things that a business should remember: Create your business plan, all about the basics of selling, setting your online store, plan your content, promotion and know your basic accounting. As an online store owner, knowing this things will help me to have a guide about keeping my online store active and attractive. I will surely remember this things so I can market my shop more.
It's been a very knowledgeable Saturday for me. I learned so many things for that day that surely can help me and also other bloggers. I know that everyone learned some lessons and the event was a success. I wanna congratulate the whole #dpop team, sponsors and bloggers that help to make this fruitful event a success. Thanks again to Ma'am Janette Toral for choosing me as one of the attendees of the event.

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