Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken on its 2nd Branch and Review

Who would not love eating chicken? Aside from being a tasty meat, it can be easily cook and you can cook it the way we wanted. How about grilled and roasted and match it with a very spicy sauce? Craving for it already? Then Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken is for you!

Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken has their 2nd branch at Los Angeles Cor. E.Rodriguez Sr. Street, Cubao, Quezon City. With its very successful 1st branch at Maginhawa, Quezon City, they opened their 2nd branch last September 8, 2014.

Location Map (Cubao Branch)

With seating capacity of approx. 60 people, their 2nd branch is much bigger than their first branch. They maintain cleanliness to their area especially their kitchen - which you can watch the cook/chef as he cooks and prepare your order - and their well-maintained restroom for the convenience of every customer.

Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken is famous for their unique, tasty and very spicy chicken sauces. From their classic Original flavor, to mild Tiger's Fury, and the very spicy Dragon's Breath. You can also match it with your favorite side-dish and also the well-prepared chicken that you surely should not miss.

Marination - Roasting - Grilling. That's how they cook their chicken so that it is juicy, aromatic, well-cooked and delicious. Their sauces are first made from scratch. Until it is successfully match with the chicken and the sauces are original blend.

For as low as Php 120.00, you can have a taste of their best selling chicken, your preferred side-dish and your preferred sauce.

 Chicken + French Fries + Original Flavored Sauce

 Chicken + Mixed Vegetables + Tiger's Fury Sauce

 Chicken + Cornnob with butter + Tiger's Fury Sauce

 Chicken + Mashed Potato + Dragon's Breath Sauce

 Chicken + Grilled Pumpkins + Dragon's Breath Sauce

As what I mentioned, everything about the chicken plus the sauces are so delicious.  It match well for me. The Original Flavor sauce is not spicy for those who are not fond of spicy sauces. Tiger's Fury is mild and I guess my favorite for the 3 sauces. Dragon's Breath, for some reasons is too spicy for me but others really enjoyed having their sauce as spicy as this. One thing that I noticed is that, the sauces are almost the same in color that's why it's hard to distinguish if what sauce is it unless you know what sauce you ordered or if you taste it. But really, the sauces is very unique and very tasty.

Their side dish is also a well match for the dish. For vegetarians, mixed vegetable side dish is for you. The crunchiness of the vegetable plus the butter is delicious. The grilled pumpkin is very tasty! Surprisingly I can't imagine that grilled pumpkin would be this good. Their best selling on their side-dish is their mashed potato.

Aside from their Peri-Peri chicken, they also served other dishes such as Quesadillas, chicken and beef wraps, snacks, and they have desserts! They also have refreshments like juices and shakes.

 One of their snacks available, Bolognese.

Blueberry Cheesecake.

For the dessert above, the cheesecake is in a plastic cup. But if you are going to order this cheesecake, it will be serve as a cake slice. And I must say, these is really yummy and a must-try! Perfect after eating your very hot Peri-Peri chicken!

Here is the list of the menu also serve at their second branch at Cubao:

Soon, they will have beers available at their restaurant. Good for those people especially men who loves matching spicy chicken with a cold beer.

So if you are looking for an amazing chicken food experience, don't forget to go and try Tornado Peri-Peri Chicken. They are open from 11am-11pm, Monday-Sunday. They are at 1680 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. corner Los Angeles St., Cubao, Quezon City.

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