The 5th Taste Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a Japanese cuisine with a twist, The 5th Taste is for you! With the famous Japanese dishes like makis, tonkatsu, tempura, this restaurant serve them with a twist that surely won't disappoint your taste buds!

The 5th Taste is located at 453 P. Guevarra Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City. With approx. 60 seating capacity, The 5th Taste is a must-try restaurant especially for Japanese food lovers but looking for something new and unique.

What I really love about this restaurant is their very delicious food. Their California Maki Furai, suprisingly is my favorite dish on the restaurant. It's the usual California Maki - but its coated with breadings and deep-fried. You can feel the crunchiness + the softness of the maki inside as you chew. Expecting that it's oily because it's deep-fried? My answer is NO. It's one of the things I love about this food. Serving is big enough for a person and its worth sharing.

California Maki Furai.

The 5th Taste also serve pizzas - with a very thin crust it almost like you are eating a taco chip. Their Kani Salad Pizza and Chicken Furai Pizza are really good light appetizer. Chicken Furai Pizza, one of my favorite also, is serve with tiny bits of fried chicken bits + cheese + curry. The fusion of the three gives a very desirable taste.

 Chicken Furai Pizza.

Kani Salad Pizza

The 5th Taste also serve Tonkatsu - of course with a twist! Their Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onions and Mushroom Tonkatsu is really good. For me, it lacks of spiciness but you can feel the filling oozing with the soft meat as you take a bite. The combination of the cream cheese and the soft, crunchy meat is great. And again, its not oily and its a thumbs-up for me.

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onions and Mushroom Tonkatsu

They also have Tempura - their Bacon Prawn Tempura is literally big. Imagine the prawn is wrapped with bacon, coated in a very yummy batter, deep-fried it until the crunchiness is exactly good as you bite.

Bacon Prawn Tempura

One thing I want to point out, I only wish that they can improve their sauces. It's quite matching but I guess for me, the sauce was lacking of the 'umami'/'linamnam' taste.

The price surprisingly is very affordable for this kind of dishes! Especially the prices for the maki and the pizza which is good for sharing already. In addition, the service is really good. They have attentive staffs to serve.

Here are the menu of the restaurant:

(click the images for bigger viewing experience)

The ambiance is also good especially at night where you can have a dinner date with your love ones, family and friends. This is also a great venue for functions, meetings, and the like, as they also have packages for the people who would like to reserve the place for meetings.
I actually almost got lost in finding the restaurant. They should improve their signage so people can find them easily. For those coming from Ortigas (Greenhills), this restaurant is quite near. Also, the restaurant is at the second floor of a takoyaki restaurant.

All in all, I guess this will be one of the restaurant that would definetely visit more often. Even it's quite far from my area, it is worth it. The food, the price, the service are really great. This restaurant is a good place to eat your favorite Japanese dishes with a twist that you will ask for more!

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