#NationalCoffeeDayPH Celebration with EBG SEA

October 21 is National Coffee Day Philippines. This occasion is originally conceived in order to promote Lipa in Batangas as the coffee granary of the Philippines.  Recognizing the importance of coffee in the Philippines and in the daily lives of the Filipino people. Essential Brands Group South East Asia decided to launch a simple celebration to highlight National Coffee Day 2014.

Happened at EBG SEA Showroom at Mandaluyong City, the event includes a #freecoffee morning for those who want to join their “Coffee Lovers Club”, an “Amazing #CoffeeStory” contest and a Coffee Bloggers Forum in the afternoon.  All of this is to highlight and raise awareness on the role of the country as one of the coffee producers along the “coffee belt” and also the relation of coffee to the life of each individuals.

Essential Brands Group South East Asia also announced the recognition of “I LUV Coffee Express” as one of the rising preferred coffee machines by some of the leading convenience stores as well as other businesses in the country. Also they introduced each of their products to the bloggers who are present at the event.

EBG SEA is proud to announce its partnership with key business in the Philippines which will begin using I LUV Coffee Express machines this year.  Ministop, The Frab Bar in Nueva Ecija, Sky Go Delta Airlines, 7-Eleven, Polland Hopia and San Miguel Food Ave. will be among the many places where you can enjoy the exciting taste of I Luv Coffee and savor real coffee flavor produced by an innovative and world class machine.

The flagship brand of Essential Brands Group is I LUV Coffee Express.  These premium coffee machines are designed to meet the needs of businesses that don’t fit the traditional cafe market such as convenience stores, service stations, retail outlets, pubs and clubs.  I LUV Coffee Express machines are sourced through exclusive agreements with suppliers in Europe, predominantly Italy through EBG Australia, and are made using the finest components available.

“We are looking forward to an annual event celebrating National Coffee Day and hopefully collaborating with more companies and people at the same time.  This year we are partnering with bloggers since we know that through them and social media we can relay that we are still part of the world coffee production map,” says Gabriel Balancio, Business Lead for EBG SEA.

I LUV Coffee Express machines is seen to be deployed in more stores nationwide as a testament of the love of Filipinos for coffee and a service which is fast and convenient.
As we celebrate National Coffee Day, Essential Brands Group South East Asia is committed to preserve and promote the Filipino’s passion and love for coffee.  It also has heart to help in empowering the awareness of our role in world’s coffee production.

For more information you can visit www.ebgsea.com, their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ebgsea and Twitter account at www.twitter.com/ebgsea.

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