Bulalo Adventure at Bullchef: The Bulalo Chef Review

Craving for Bulalo? Looking for a restaurant that serves very tasty Bulalo within the Metro? Bullchef: The Bulalo Chef is for you! You don't need to go to Tagaytay or any other places as this restaurant is within the heart of Metro Manila, at the busy district of Pasig City!

Bullchef: The Bulalo Chef is located at #4 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City. With approx. 50 people, Buffchef Restaurant is famous for its Bulalo dishes, and also a place where celebrities dine-in to taste their very special dishes.

Chef Jeremiah Mateo, Executive Chef and Assistant General Manager, is very hands-on in cooking dishes here at Bullchef. They make sure that every dishes are freshly-cooked and served hot. Of course you need to wait for your order to be served. But you surely won't regret waiting.

Its time for the food tasting!

SISIG na, may NACHO pa (Sampler size only, not the actual serving size)

SISIG na, may NACHO pa! It's a mix of Nachos, top with Sisig Bulalo, veggies and mayo. It is served in a bowl, perfect for appetizers. The fusion of nachos plus the sisig is surprisingly delicious.

F na F (Sampler size only, not the actual serving size)

F na F or Fish and Fries, is a combination of Fish fillet and fries. The fish fillet and the fries are very crispy. F na F and SISIG na, may NACHO pa will be available on their menu starting November 3, 2014.

asimBULL (Bulalo Sinigang)

asimBULL or Bulalo Sinigang is definitely my favorite! The sinigang veggies are not overcooked, hence the crisp of the veggies and the softness of the meat plus the asim of the soup is very delicious! Very perfect with rice! And also you can actually request if you want this dish to be more maasim or less.

That's my T-BONE (left), BULLusok (right)

That's my T-BONE is one of their best-selling steaks. For as low as Php 179.00, you can have this sizzling T-bone, served with buttered vegetables, plain rice, gravy and soup. The meat and gravy combination is tasty and this dish is served hot.

BULLusok or Sizzling Bulalo Steak is very yummy. For as low as Php 175.00, you can taste the very soft and juicy Bulalo Steak.

BURGER habang may GULAY (left), KANGKONG ni Kingkong (right)

BURGER habang may GULAY is a serving of vegetable burger patties. The taste of the vegetable is not that strong. Perfect for meryenda.

Ultimate Bulalo Special. So big!

For as low as Php 249.00, you can taste their Ultimate Bulalo Special! It's their best-selling classic bulalo, good for 2 persons already. The soup is very tasty, add it with the soft meat of Bulalo and veggies. You can request if you want the Bulalo to be less or more oily or masebo. Worrying about the bone-marrow? According to Chef Jeremiah, research said that the bone marrow does not contain too much cholesterol as what we think. Thus, this is a guilt-free dish! Also if you want to have this Bulalo good for a person only, try their BULLilit for as low as Php 135.00.

Triple B (left), LECHunami and Tapa Medley (Right. Sampler size only, not the actual serving size)

Triple B or BULL balls with Beef Cheese (warning: don't pronounce it fast! Haha) is also one of my favorite here at Bullchef. The baby potatoes are so soft to bite and the cheese is a perfect match. This dish is quite spicy but it taste really good.

LECHunami or their version of Lechon Kawali is, wow. I guess its one of the best lechon kawali I've tasted so far. It's not overcooked and it's very crispy!

Very juicy and tasty Tapa I've tasted so far. For their Tapa Medley, here are the dishes that is served:
  •  esTAPA - Classic Tapa served with egg, ensalada, garlic rice and soup
  •  TAPA don't preach - Spicy Tapa served with egg, ensalada, garlic rice and soup
  •  TAPA ko mahal ko - Sweet Tapa served with egg, ensalada, garlic rice and soup

BULLsisig (Sizzling Sisig Bulalo)

Bullsisig or Sizzling Sisig Bulalo is served hot and very tasty! I must say that this dish is a perfect match with beer. For as low as Php 149.00, you can have this sizzling sisig bulalo!

Suman de Cassava a la Mode

Of course you should not miss the dessert! Bullchef's Suman de Cassava a la Mode is a very yummy dessert perfect after the sizzling hot dishes! The Suman Cassava with the ube ice cream is a well-match.

The restaurant's place is quite small, but I think it is always full especially at night time. As we dine here, most people are coming in group and order their best-selling dishes. The restaurant's ambiance is good. In addition, you can hear Bullchef's very catchy theme song that can give you as what they called it as LSS or 'Last Song Syndrome.' Also, you will be surrounded with photos and messages on their wall, with pictures of some of the local artists here in our country.

With a very reasonable yet affordable price, Bullchef: The Bulalo Chef restaurant is a must-see and a must-try restaurant. Eat your favorite Bulalo dishes in different varieties, with every dishes with a very catchy names! They are open from 11am to 12 midnight.

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