Food on the Go: Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties Review

We Filipinos love instant foods! Especially does food that is served-hot. We also like to eat foods which we can carry anywhere. At Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties, they served the patties fresh from the oven and you can carry them wherever you go!

Last September 21, me and my friends from The Products Blog and That Hikikomori Guy went to Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties. It is located at 5th Floor, Market! Market! Mall, Bonifacio Global City. It is a mini shop near the mall's theater - an advantage for those movie lovers who wants to try a food other than popcorn and hotdogs.

It's shop has a unique ambiance. With approx. 5 tables, and the shop can accommodate at least 10 people.

Looks like Empanada!

After looking at the menu, I am really intrigued about the patties. First impression: it is like our local Empanada but bigger size. I ordered one of their best selling patties - Premium Cheeze Beef Supreme and Classic Beef Royal.

 Classic Beef Royal

Beef + Cheese combination = Premium Cheeze Beef Supreme

It is literally served-hot. I patiently wait for the food to be a bit cooler before I started to have my first big bite. The food was really good. The crispiness of the bread together with the very tasty beef filling is a nice combination. The size of the patties - for me - is big and good enough to satisfy your appetite. Also, it is worth the price. For as low as Php 58.00, you can already taste their best-selling flavors.

It wouldn't be perfect without ordering a perfect drink. I ordered a Mango Shake (Php 58.00) while my other friends ordered Premium Iced Tea and Four Seasons.

Mango Shake, Premium Iced Tea and Four Seasons

To give you guys some idea, I'm sharing my short video I took at the shop.

If you are looking for a food which is affordable and delicious, try Royal Caribbean Jamaican Patties! Their shop opens at 10am-10pm everyday. Do visit their website to know more about their menu.

Disclaimer: Thank you so much to Rattus Yu of for the opportunity!

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  1. The food looks super yummy, plus the video just made it even more inviting to go to the place. Thanks for sharing =)

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