It's Not Your Ordinary Filipino Book: My Moymoy Lulumboy Experience

It's been one of the best opportunities for me to be one of the chosen bloggers invited at the Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Batang Aswang Book Launching. I was so delighted after I got an e-mail from the great Publicist, Sir Joselito "Toots" Tolentino. As a book lover and romance writer, jumping to another genre to read is a thrilling experience.

I woke up early, brought my copy of my e-mail confirmation and excitedly went to SMX Convention Center last September 19, 2014, with the introduction of Moymoy Lulumboy on my mind (I read it the night before at Wattpad).  It's a big wonder to me on how would the author will show the mythical characters at the book. I am not actually fan of Fantasy-type genre since I really prefer reading Romance.

I am also excited to be at SMX because of the Manila International Book Fair. It's been one of the events I'm looking forward to attend every year. I happened to arrive by 10:30am and started to took pictures outside the meeting room. I am struggling that time because I can't access any internet connection but after some minutes I did manage to connect and share the event at my Instagram account.

I saw the actual book in the desk. I was shocked to see that yes - it is not a children's book. It is not an ordinary young adult Filipino book. It's thick, with a very good cover. It was like the author really give time to make this book.

By 11am, they started the press registration and we entered the Meeting Room. After I'm done getting my food from the buffet, I noticed why others have the books in their hands. And then I saw the writer and the illustrator of the book were in the area already! I hurriedly grab my book and I'm so happy that Sir Segundo 'Jun' Matias Jr., and Sir Jomike Tejido signed my book. Even I'm quite stunned or star struck seeing them in person, I still grab the chance.

Sir Jun Matias Jr. (left) & Sir Jomike Tejido (right)

By 12am the program started. They gave introduction to the guest inside the Meeting Room. And to my surprise, 2 of my favorite Precious Hearts Romances writers are there! I noted myself that I should have their autograph because its been almost 6 years of wanting to meet them in person.

The Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Batang Aswang's plot were introduce by PETA performers. I am having goosebumps while they perform. They are very great as they sing/act/dance to what readers should know about the story.

After the performance, the press conference started. With different press people from different sites/media and other people with us bloggers started to ask and listen to the author and the illustrator's point of view, experiences and inspirations.

After a while, I saw Miss Sonia Francesca at the back side standing. I already grab the opportunity! I grab my notebook and went to her and she signed my notebook. She's my #1 in my PHR's favorite authors. I've been a fan of her since 2008 (I was in my high school years). She wrote stories with a funny yet super romantic approach on which I really like. I also been a fan of one of her series, The Stallion Series, together with Miss Sofia who is also at the press conference that time with Miss Sonia. I am not able to meet her on PHR's yearly meet-and-greet with their writers. Most reason is, I don't have the enough money to go to Manila. Seeing Miss Sonia and have a hand shake with her is so overwhelming.

After the press conference is done, I now went to my second target on that day: to stroll around the Manila International Book Fair.

It's been one of the happiest and overwhelming experience for me. I surely won't forget that day.

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