Musical Play for Kids, By the Kids: 'The Wizard of Oz' by Kids Acts Philippines

Last September 26-27, 2014, Kids Acts Philippines proudly presents "The Wizard of Oz" at Star Theater, Star City Compound, Pasay City. It's the magical and popular story based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum. This is a musical play for kids and by the kids for this season.
With script and lyrics by Luigi Nacario and music by Eugene Belbis, Kids Acts Philippines unfolded the whole story on stage showcasing the genuine portrayal of the TheCampArt Kid Actors, the scholars’ pool of the company ages 7 to 15 years old.

The Wizard of Oz is follows the story of a young girl named Dorothy Gale from Kansas who always imagined of beautiful things somewhere over the rainbow. One day, a cyclone came that hit her house and spinned up inside the cyclone, floated down through clouds and crashed to the beautiful and colorful land of the munchkins, the Munchkinland. Her adventure started by following the road paved with yellow bricks to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Oz and asked her way to Kansas. Along the way she met Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion who became her friends and went with her to also seek help from the Wizard. Their journey became so thrilling and enchanting because of the magical powers of the four witches of Oz, the Wicked Witches of East and West and the Good Witches of North - Belinda and South - Glinda. All Witches had magical things that made Dorothy’s adventure delightful, from the Silver Shoes of the Witch of the East to the broomstick of the Witch of West and from the magical kiss of Belinda to the Glinda’s revelation of the charm of the shoes. The story is about determination, love, courage, honesty and an important place like no other in the world – home.

In this musical play, they included the story of the wicked witch of the east. They showed what's more in the real story of 'The Wizard of Oz.' They have another chop of scenes to showcase everything up to the scene showing the importance of the golden cap.

 The cast of “The Wizard of Oz” features TheCampArt Kid Actors.

Here is the press’ Q and A with whole team:

If you could live the Wizard of Oz today, what would you wish?
- "I would ask for... well... happiness. I think that's the most important thing," Bernadine Cortina as Dorothy.

What is the most important lesson you learned from your character?
- "Everyone has different aspirations. If we work hard enough and we don't give up, we can get what we want," Allen Orolfo as Scarecrow.

Is it fun (to act)?
- "Yes well of course! It is very fun," Bernadine Cortina as Dorothy.

What advise can you give to other aspiring actors?
- "For those kids who wants to become a professional stage actor, you must undergo an extensive workshop," said by Sir Luigi Nacario.

The artistic team of "The Wizard of Oz" is composed of Eugene Belbis (Orchestration); Christian Bautista (Lighting Design); Emma Doverte (Production Management); Jasvir Basra (Stage Management); Manuel Edralin (Set Design); Luigi Nacario (Choreography & Costume Design); and Arvin Mercado & Navette Flores (Photography).

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