Love, Joy, Mochi: Mochiko Japanese Ice Cream

I love ice creams! It's been my most favorite dessert since I was young. It's also been my soft-spot and also when I got something that I did with full of efforts, a cone of ice cream is usually what I buy as a reward for myself.

As an ice cream fan, I have been exploring different shops and different ice cream flavors. One day as I stroll around at SM Megamall, I saw a stall of Mochiko and got so curious on how does Japanese Ice cream taste like?

As I look at their freezer, a very accommodating seller approached me and help me choose what flavor should I pick. Since I really like color pink (hehe :D), I decided to choose their Red Velvet mochi.
'Good things come to those who wait,' as indicated to the sticker of every mochi. Before you give your first bite, you have to wait for about 2 minutes or when the mochi is soft enough to bite. Mochiko's Red Velvet Mochi is one of the most popular flavor. Maybe because it has real red velvet cake and cream cheese ice cream inside.
It is freezingly delicious! I really want to buy more and try other flavors. Especially Mochiko's Oreo Cheesecake Mochi. There are many other flavors to choose from that suits your sweet tooth!
Mochiko Japanese Ice Cream is a must try especially this summer! A very unique ice cream with lots of other flavors to choose from, you will wish to have more!

Craving for more? Don't forget to visit their sites!
Also visit to check out their store locations so you can drop by and taste their delicious mochi!

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