A Party that was: Tokyo EDM Invasion 2014 [#TokyoEDMInvasion]

Tokyo EDM Invasion last August 2, 2014 at SMX Convantion Center was a blast! A lot of people went to the event to party and enjoy the music mixed by the DJs from Japan and Philippines!

Tokyo EDM Invasion is a Japanese themed Electronic Dance Music event featuring different DJs from Japan and also from Philippines and brought to you by Love & House World & Red Alert Live.

Everyone experienced a one-of-a-kind clubbing night straight from Tokyo! People dance to the beat of the music from the DJ like Ayumi, Tsubee, Daijiro and DJ Dantz! Also some dance performances from Kai-Zen, drum performance from Makoto Yamamoto and VJs Tsubasa and Dynamo.

Also performances from our local artists, Dj Ace Ramos, Deuce Manila, Curse and Bless, Ais Nicaution, The Zombettes, Jerrica Santos,Bea Valera, MC Sam Rhansum.

After the event they also announced that there will be another Tokyo EDM invasion for each year. So every year there would be another event to look forward to jam and party! 

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