12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea

I am a Coffee-holic before. I've been drinking about 2-3 cups of coffee a day - especially at night. Drinking tea is not a very good option for me - before. But now, I decided to drink tea every day especially at morning. Its not just helps you feel rejuvenated the whole day, it also have many health benefits! We listed the 12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea. And here are those!

12 Reasons Why You Should Drink Tea
  1. It is a Tough Anti-Oxidant.
  2. It plays a significant role in the prevention of Cancer.
  3. It helps to prevent hardening of the Arteries, thus reduces the risk of Stroke.
  4. It helps protect against Heart Diseases. It lowers Blood Pressure.
  5. It lowers LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and raises HDL (Good Cholesterol).
  6. It protects against Harmful Bacterias and Viruses.
  7. It relieves migraine.
  8. It fights Infection. It is also an Immune System booster.
  9. It reduces Tooth and Gum Diseases.
  10. It promotes weight loss. Fat burner.
  11. It improves Mental and Physical Performance.
  12. It contains the following health enhancing components: Flavonoid, Theanine, Polyphenols, Cathecins, EGCG and other disease-fighting components.

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