Hits the Right Sweetness: J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Curiosity hits me whenever I travel back to our home from Manila when I mostly saw some passengers have this box from J.Co Donuts & Coffee. I really wondered, "how those it taste like? Is it the same as other international brands? I heard its quite expensive..." I wanna try it sometime. Now I already got a chance, I must say this taste really good!

J.Co Donuts & Coffee is a lifestyle cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing in donuts, coffee and frozen yogurt. The company is owned and managed by Johnny Andrean Group. It began trading in June 2005 in Jakarta, Indonesia. J.CO franchise are now available to different countries - from Indonesia to Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Philippines.

They really hit the Philippine market as the quality of the donuts and coffee are really good. They are all fresh and fits to Filipino taste buds.

As soon as you entered the shop, you will be welcomed with glass racks with donuts that will surely catches anyone's attention. Others have the feeling that 'whenever I saw this donuts, it was like I wanna buy them all!'

This donuts are available per piece, half dozen, 1 dozen or 2 dozens. They also comes with their mini donuts called ''J.Pops", their fat-free frozen yogurt "J.Cool", and their "J.Coffee" where you can choose their coffee and tea flavored rinks.

After I went to do some business regarding my scholarship, I decided to drop by at SM City San Fernando at Pampanga to try and taste J.CO Donuts & Coffee.

Their best seller is the "Alcapone" donuts (inspired by the mafia Alcapone). It is a donut with Belgian white chocolate topped with toasted almonds (I didn't have a chance to taste it because the costumer before me bought all the 5 pcs left at the tray that time *sobs*).

I ordered a half dozen! I also ordered a Green Tea Frappe and it had a bonus Glazzy-flavored donut (for my surprise hehe). It was a really hot almost-noon-time hour so I decided to chill on the shop, read a good book ("Remember Me?" by Sophie Kinsela) and eat donuts as my breakfast.

The donuts looks like they are too sweet but its actually not. The sweetness are really good for me. They are enough to make you eat more and more without getting tired of eating them because of too much sweetness. It's a good match with their coffee or frappe.

The price for me is well, its quite expensive but I guess its really worth it. Because the donuts are presentable, fresh and tasty.

One thing I noticed, I hope J.Co staffs have this 'welcoming' aura with them. At least make efforts to smile. Maybe it's just on that branch but I hope they really do it. It will make the customers feel at ease.

So try J.CO Donuts & Coffee! You will surely love it and will make you crave for more!

Like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/J.COPhils

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