Health 101: Pack Your Own Period Kit

Make-up kit? Kikay kit? Medicine kit? How about having a Period Kit? Have a pouch where you could put your period essentials. At least you are prepared and ready for the red days to come. I'll be giving a list on what you should stock up on:

  • Pads - Stock up your dependable napkins that can catch leaks from all sides and make you feel cottony clean - like Whisper Cottony Clean - go great lengths with its longer protection and coverage from front to back.
  • Panty Liners - Having that everyday fresh-panty feeling will help you feel at ease. Use panty liners that helps you control the growth of odor causing bacteria, like Carefree Healthy Fresh.
  • Medicine - Suffering from cramps during period? Stock up some pain killers, like Panadol Woman, which relieves period pain.
  • Tissues/Wipes - Use it to avoid the risk of infection, like pH Care Passionate Bloom Feminine Wipes.
  • Feminine Wash - When water is at your reach, it is better to clean using a feminine wash that not just help you feel fresh but also helps relieve feminine itching, like Betadine Feminine Wash.
  • Extra Underwear - Having at least 1 fresh extra underwear in your kit is very essential. At least something not good happened during your period, you are prepared.

These other things that I will also include are also a necessity to have them on your kit. It will help you ease some pain during your period. Here are those:

  • Hot water bag - This water bag to put on your belly will help you relax muscles. Put this on your belly so the warmth can ease the pain.
  • Ointments - Ease discomfort by sniffing a soothing salves as the aromatheraphy relives the pain, like Body Basics Spa in a Can.
  • Chocolate bar - Magnesium is a mineral which is deficient when you have period. Stock some chocolate bar - like Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • Herbal Tea bags - Especially Mint/Ginger flavors helps relieve cramping. Try Twinings Tea, as they have a wide variety of tea flavors.
  • Hand Sanitizers - After changing your pads, don't forget to sanitize. Use a sanitizer, like Human Nature Spray Sanitizer, which comes with different scents like tropical and citrus burst.

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