Hairstyle 101: Hair Bow Bun Tutorial

One of the easiest way to style your hair especially during summer season is to pony tail your hair. It will make you feel at ease and also can highlight the whole face. For today, I'll be teaching you guys on how you can do something very cute out of the regular pony tail that we girls are doing. It is by making a Hair Bow Bun.

Some celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga styled their hair to be like a bow. It is really neat and also very cute! Try this four simple steps on how you can make this hair bow bun.

Things that you'll need:
  • Comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • Elastic Hair bands
  • Hair spray (optional) 


A. Comb your hair and make a pony tail - comb your hair properly. Then make a pony like the way you usually do. When you are about to do the last twist of your hair, make a loop and leave some hair at the top.
B. Making loops - with the loop that we have made, separate them neatly into 2 like on the picture. Secured them with some bobby pins if you like.

C. Secure the loops with the tail - Use the hair that we left after doing our last twist to secure the loops. Pull it up upwards and place it on the center of the two loops. Neatly secure them with bobby pins.

D. And now you are done! You can use hair spray to make the bow neat and hold the bow. You can also try to accessorize it by putting some cute clips with it!

Be sure to try it! It is a very cute and cute style for almost all occasions whether it is for school, office, date with your someone, shopping, etc.

Thanks for reading!

Credits to the sources for the picture of the celebrities/models with the hair bow bun.

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