AIR21 launches the first Online Platform for Shipment Booking, Payment, and Package Pick-Up and Delivery

AIR21 shapes the digital landscape of logistics through AIR21 Online Booking, a complete online platform for seamless booking, payment processing, and shipment pick-up and delivery. The interface may be accessed via to activate shipment pick-up request at customer’s convenience.

The AIR21 Online Booking has seven major features, namely: (1) Secured Client Information, (2) Secured Online Payment System, (3) Address Book of Frequent Consignees, (4) Auto-Fill, Print-Ready Waybill, (5) Shipment Verification Process, (6) User-Friendly Platform, and (7) Widely Served Areas.

Account Creation
Shippers can sign up easily by filling out the basic information sheet and creating an address book of consignees. As part of the security measures, all accounts will only be activated through an email verification code.

Secured Payment Process
The AIR21 Online Booking platform has an SSL Certificate that keeps the integrity of payment account information. In case the shipper decides to transact some other time, the platform is capable of refund as long as the incident is reported immediately.  

Seamless Booking, Pick-Up and Delivery
All pertinent details found in the regular AIR21 waybill is found in the AIR21 Online Booking platform. This makes the booking, pick-up, and delivery process easy since the data is complete. Accepted packages are SuLight (Extra Small, Small, Box), Bulilit Box (3kg), and Hebigat Box (5kg, 10kg, and 20kg).

Experience AIR21 Online Booking through to enjoy the privileges of easy, safe, and efficient online transaction.

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