Dragon Nest Championship Series 2014: Grand Finals

The Showdown begins! As Dragon Nest SEA will bring you the Dragon Nest Championship Series for this year 2014! Organized by Shanda Games and in partnership with Alienware and Intel, the tournament will be at Alienware Arena, New Bridge Road Lucky China Town, Singapore this June 7, 2014!

Dragon Nest's PVPers from Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia will be facing off as they fight for the championship in 3 versus 3 and 1 versus 1.

Contenders had been chosen and they will be representing their country for the Dragon Nest Championship Series 2014 Grand Finals (PVP Category)!

Presenting the PVPers for the championship for 3v3 and 1v1!

Teams for 3v3

Country: Singapore
Team Name: MAD.JPL
Members Name/IGN/Class:

 Joseph Lo/Estellrie/Elestra
Randall Tay/Orzelea/Destroyer
Siva/MizuEggu/Blade Dancer

Country: Philippines
Members Name/IGN/Class:

Meeko Elijah Ramos/Meeko28/Tempest
Norberto C. Ramos II/Oyie35/Harimechan/Saint
Rysher Magbanua/Sweetnest/Elestra

Country: Malaysia
Team Name: SDD
Members Name/IGN/Class:

Bernard Lau/Falala/Tempest
Low Yuen Hoo/WhiteColor/Destroyer
Willy Soong/LolYau/Saint

Representatives for 1v1

Country: Malaysia
Name: Muhammad Aqwa Nazim Bin Mohd Azhar
IGN: Abyslord
Class: Gladitor

Country: Philippines
Name:Iledan Karl Dave Laurence
IGN: BridPatt
Country: Singapore
Name: Kenneth Gan
Class: Guardian
Come and support your favorite player or team and stand a chance to win some exclusive Dragon Nest Premiums and premium in-game items!
There would be also a free Dragon Nest Gaming Available from 11am - 9pm at first come first serve basis. So come and join and support your bets!
For those who are unable to watch the tournament live, there would be a live streaming on http://www.twitch.tv/cherrycredits. There would be a lucky draws for DN plushies and there’ll be 2 winners – one at the event itself, and one for the viewers on Twitch.

For more information, visit http://dn.cherrycredits.com/

Photo credits from Dragon Nest SEA Facebook page.

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