DIY Project: Paper Butterly Tutorial (with video)

Hi everyone! Who among you are using cork boards to pin up the things that you need to remember? Especially those things for school, work, and other purposes. Since I have a really boring board, I decided to make some decorations. So I came up with this Simple Paper Butterfly. I wanna share to you guys who did I made it!
In this project, you will be needing some items that you can actually found in your home. If you have left over papers, old magazines/newspapers, you can use it in this project.

Things that you need:

  • colored paper/old magazines or newspapers/art paper/any paper that you might like to use
  • scissors

I provided a step-by-step procedure. But I recommend to watch this video that I made (It's my first time to take a video for my DIY tutorials *laughs*). Anyway, here are the guides. You will be needing a square-shaped paper. Feel free to use any size. The process involve for this project are only folding and some cutting.

Here's the video for my DIY Paper Butterfly Tutorial. Watch it in HD for a better quality.

Step-by-step guide. Feel free to click the image for a better quality.

So there you have it! Our Paper Butterfly! You can now use it for decorations and so much more!
Remember your creativity is not the finding of a thing, but making something out of it until it is found. Thanks for reading!

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