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As a regular commuter who most of the time commutes via Public Utility Busses (PUBs), being stuck in traffic during rush hours is a big hassle. Especially when you happened to woke up late and you need to hurry up so you can't be late going to office. Being a regular commuter that got stuck in traffic, having a TV inside a bus is a plus. It will reduce the boredom of the passengers while traveling going to their destinations.

If you are familiar with RRCG busses around Metro Manila, you will be entertained with a one of a kind Bus TV ads that surely passengers will become informative and enjoy each of the segments. This Bus TV ads is brought to you by Spinmanila Inc.

Established in 2009, Spinmanila Incorporated is an entertainment company with the objective of upgrading on-board passenger entertainment as well as encourage internet usage among their viewers. They are dedicated to the development of BUS TV, conventional and digital media, advertising industry, along with the advancement of positive values for the general public.

The companies core business is the delivery of programs across various city, intercity, and provincial bus routes.  Also, its vision is to develop BUS TV as a media platform for passenger generated content and to create high levels of viewer involvement, as well as bus ridership as a transport mode of choice.

Gives you numerous ways to penetrate your market efficiency and effectively
  • Infiltrate the netizens: Every passengers can have a free access to WiFi on RRCG busses with Spinmanila's Free WIFI on Board.
    (This is my actual shot. An example of Bus TV at RRCG Busses by Spinmanila Inc.)

  • Customize your marketing Plan - by advertising in strategic locations;
  • Mass market reach;
  • No channel switching - no other channel with steal the limelight; - Greater Brand Exposure;
  • Content Customization 
    • Deliver Up-to-Date Content every week 
    • Intensifies Interest and Attention for your target market
  • Cost Effectiveness - Conventional TV Advertisement to Digital Video Advertising;
  • Superior Brand Recall - Convey your message to 300,000 passangers who goes on board every month;
  • Superior Market Penetration - busses journey along University Belt and EDSA having on board a variety of passengers from Students, professionals, and ordinary commuters thus giving u a wider coverage.

(Busses also installed CCTV Camera to ensure the safety of the passengers.)

Watch the video to give you more background about Spin Manila Inc. (Video from youtube).

Bus TV by Spinmanila Sample Grid Presentation 

If you wanna advertise with the help of Spinmanila Inc., don't hesitate to contact them with the following contact information:


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