Secrets & Confessions: Blush Convention 2014

I am not as hardcore as others but, being one of the people went to Blush Convention last May 3, 2014 at Ikeda Hall, U.P Diliman, was a really great experience! It's been thrilling, exciting, fun, heart-warming and hot! Why did I said it was hot? It's been a first time for me to attend such kind of event where your favorite anime/manga genre was talked about exclusively and also having other people seeing them so thrilled just looking at those anime/manga pictures! So what's Blush Convention is all about?

Blush Convention, presented by BLush Committee, is a convention exclusive for those who loves Yaoi/BL (Boy's Love) anime/manga genre. It is where you can see different booths, manga sellers, art commissions, posters, CDs, and other things related to BL. Last May 3, 2014, it was their Second Year organizing BL Convention. Regular admission costs Php 250.00 while the Premiere admission (which give you an access to their cafe) costs Php 400.00. They sell those tickets since around November-December 2013 and sold out at around January 2014. You can only purchase the ticket via payment using PayPal or bank account deposit. In short, there's no on-site selling of tickets at the event.

 Ikeda Hall (Bahay Kalinaw)

I went early at the event. Around 10am. I almost got lost at U.P Diliman since the driver and the guards didn't know about where Ikeda Hall is. But as soon as I said I was finding 'Bahay Kalinaw,' they gave me the directions and I realized I am far from where the jeepney driver told me...

Anyways, As I confirmed my registration, the staffs gave me a kit -  contains a mini bag (where I can use to put my stuffs that I bought at the event), an ID, and a Blush Convention Passport. In that passport, there are task per square and you need to accomplish each task and you can get a reward.

 My Blush Con Kit

The entire venue was really refreshing. As soon as I went to the air-conditioned area, I was welcomed with different booths - manga sellers, art commissions, anime collectibles and rare items can be found. The first thing that really comes to my mind was 'I really need to have money when going here.' You will feel tempted buying something at the event.

Booths, artists area where you can buy different items
Eiwa Manga Store's Different Manga series that they sell for a very affordable price

At the first floor of the event, you can find their exclusive photobooth and their mini library where you can read/browse different BL mangas. Some are in English but mostly are in Japanese Language. At second floor there are the booths and also the panel area where there are panels who talked about topics related to BL. At ground floor is where the cafe (exclusive to the Premier Pass holders) can be found. I didn't able to go inside (since I only have a Regular pass ☹) but I manage to peak

 Mini library with its collection of Yaoi/BL Manga

 My favorite! Sekaiichi Hatsukoi! <3

There are also have special guests. One is Miss Tintin Pantoja, a professional artist who’s been published in the US for her works on Hamlet: The Manga Edition, Manga Math, and Who is AC?, a comic written by Hope Larson. She talked about the basics of structuring comics so for aspiring comic artists. Her creations were really awesome! Another one was Miss -fe, she's from Japan and been publishing her doujinshi in various comic conventions in Asia for many years, including COMIKET. She talked about mostly about her experience as a doujinshi artist and she even gave advice to artists on how to best illustrate the unresolved sexual tension of your characters. Both of them also joined the panel 'The BL Fishbowl' where everyone can talked about what, when, where, and how does BL affects them. There's also a panel by up-coming local BL publisher Black Ink Comics. It is composed of a 20 pages or 60 pages story written in English, Tagalog, or Taglish and illustrated as Comics or Manga.

Miss Tintin Pantoja discussing her panel topic. I am too far from her :(

Black Ink Comics illustrator and writer.

 I also got an autograph from -Fe!

As I listened to one of the panel topics 'For the Team' - which talked about the sports series like Captain Tsubasa, The Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk, Free!, and many more, I was somehow felt cultured shock. Yes I am not totally into BL but I like some anime with BL as genre, but seeing this girls shouting as the presentation showed a picture of a certain sports genre anime was like 'OMG they are so into it!' They really like it and everyone in the room was not ashamed to talked about which couples they like to pair (or they called it 'shipping').

There's also a cosplay competition where they must be pair to be able to join - meaning two people portraying a BL genre or even not as long as its in the same anime/manga and they are a pair. The best fan service that they will show will win

 Winners of the cosplay competition.

I admit I didn't have a chance to listen to the whole panel topics. I was really busy filling out my passport and been waiting for the 'Roving Butler.' I thought I don't have a chance anymore since all the butlers are inside the cafe. But then I saw one! And made him sign the last box in my passport.

After I filled out all, I went to Blush Booth to exchange my passport. I have been waiting for what the price will be! And I got shocked -  I was asked to choose a sticker which I can stick to any books I want. Frankly speaking, the first thing came up to my mind was -- 'is this what I really got?' I can't believe it haha. Then I heard a bunch of people laughing about the sticker that they also got and also can't believe that they only got a sticker after doing all task. Well, it's not important anymore. What is important is that everyone surely enjoyed Blush Convention especially those hardcore Fujoshi/Fudanshi people at the event.

The passport and the sticker :D

Blush Convention really ended well. I will definitely looking forward to their next event. And will definitely purchase a Premium pass

Do visit their website:

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