A Simple Gamer's View: Dragon Nest SEA Assassin Game Patch

The Assassin Class has arrived at Dragon Nest SEA Server! It has been waiting by many DN SEA players to try and experience how awesome the Assassin class would be. Last March 17, 2014, The Assassin class was released in Dragon Nest SEA's game patch namely - Shadow of Death: Assassin Game Patch. So what's with the newly released patch?

*New Content*

  • New Class: Assassin (Chaser, Ripper and Raven) - New class Assassin with its second job as Chaser, and third job as Ripper and Raven.
    New log-in screen where the Assassin Class welcomes you!
    On character selection.
    Yes I did try making one! (hehe) 

  • Lv.70 Guardian Nest (Normal mode, Solo mode) - I personally haven't entered at that nest as of now (since I didn't active playing because of my work). But I wanna share to you what can you expect inside the Guardian's Nest with this guide from AikawaKazu of Greenwood server.

*Cash Shop*

  • Monthly Costume: Wild Wild West Theme Costume - others called it as 'Cowboy' costume. It's one of the limited edition monthly costume released by DN SEA.
Posted Image
(Photo from dn.cherrycredits.com)

Here's a preview of my character wearing three different colors of Wild Wild West themed costume.

  • Assassin Normal Grade Costume (90% Discount for Limited Time) - Got Assassin class and you want it to have costume? Avail this 90% Discount of normal grade costume only for Assassin Class.
Posted Image
(Photo from dn.cherrycredits.com)
  • Rare Weapons design update: Punk Rocker/Musician set - This costume set is Rare grade and can be obtained by combining two parts at Costume Synthesis Device.

  • Altea's Gacha-Box Update. Added:

    • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Wings
    • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Mark
    • Limited Edition: Guardian Dragon’s Tail
    Posted Image
    (Photo from dn.cherrycredits.com)

    More updates was added to the newly released patch. To know more information, news, events and updates, visit http://dn.cherrycredits.com/ and their Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dragonnestsea

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