A Simple Gamer's View: Dragon Nest SEA Level 70 Cap

I got so excited after I heard the news (a month before) that the level cap will increase from 60 to 70. And now here it is! One of the much awaited event at Dragon Nest SEA server is the release of Level 70 cap. Last February 11, 2014, Dragon Nest SEA Team released the patch version 113 namely 'The Rise of Heroes!' So what is inside this new patch? Read more to find out!

'The Rise of Heroes!' new patch added new features at Dragon Nest SEA. Let me introduce some of my favorite new content of the patch :D

  • Level up cap increased from level 60 to 70 - The maximum character level now on Dragon Nest SEA server is now level 70!
  • New Saint Haven - Saint Haven becomes bigger! At first it's been hard to find a certain NPC without using a map/wrap. Also the farm channel is removed and its entrance is now near [NPC]Trainer Lindsay's Place. There's also a new Blacksmith in town! [NPC]Blacksmith Merlin is added to the new Saint Haven where players can get daily quest from him. Also added is the [Wrap]Central Observatory where players can see the entire Saint Haven from the big Goddess Statue.

  • 5 New Anu Arendel Dungeons!

Anu Arendel is the hometown of elves. In here, you will find the new 5 dungeons where players can go to level up. The five dungeons are:

Sea of Sand Dust

 Disappearing Half Moon Desert

Golden Meadow

Bronze Crescent Forest

Valley of Eclipse

  • Dragon Jade system and 'Like' system are added -  Dragon Jade system is added in replace of codes. 'Like' system, as you earn 'Likes' can give you some FTG.
  • Main quest continuation - So at Chapter 9, you saw Geraint resurrected? Let's follow the adventures of the Heroes as it continues the main quest!
Cash Shop new content:

  • New Limited Edition Costume - So are you up for a dragon-inspired costume for your character? This costume comes up with weapon costumes too!

  • New Lassie Pet - How about having a pet while you continue your journey to Level 70? A panda-inspired pet is one of the content of the patch.

  • New Dragon Mount - Fly to the new Saint Haven with the new Dragon Mount! You can get it on Altea's Gatcha Box. I say, good luck! (and good luck to your money! LOL)

The new updates are not bad at all (for me). Well, it's pretty amazing how the new Saint Haven look like. How Anu Arendel was beautifully made and also the dungeons. But For me, it's been hard leveling until Level 70. I think I can only manage to have 1 level per day (I am an ordinary player that cant afford buying Exp Documents). But all in all, I still enjoy playing Dragon Nest. How I wish there would come a time that some of the 'freebies' in CDN or KDN is also given to SEA Server? (LOL). Anyway, DN SEA players, happy gaming!

Note: All opinions stated is according on the Blogger's view.

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