My First Wattpad Story - "Maid in Disguise"

It started when I was in Grade Four when I am happily writing short romantic comics using doll stickers and paste it in a used notebook, put dialogs in it, and share it to my classmates. I was really fond of writing romance stories. Now I was really happy to share to everyone my First Wattpad Story named: Maid in Disguise.

I remember I was in my Second year in Secondary Education when I started to write long stories. "Elie" (Short term for 'Elizabeth' - the name of the Female Protagonist in the story) is the title of my first - ever formal story but it was on screenplay dialogue format. It was composed of 17 chapters, 105 pages. The story revolves on a girl named 'Elie' and how she cope up with her high school life and finding her first true love.

My short stories are all written on a notebook. Every notebook has a story written on it. My other works are (in order):

  • Elie
  • Reverie - A notebook with 5 short stories inside (Titles: Nadesico's Diary, Por Amor - Ti Fana, I am who?, Thanks for the Dreams, A Jealous Vengeance)
  • Louise's Love - A story about a girl named 'Louise' about getting over from her previous boyfriend (it has actually a very forced and very fast ending which my classmates didn't like XD)
  • Love Knots - A story about a girl named 'Maya' and how she fell in love with her best friend's boyfriend.
  • Momorancy's Romance - A story of a girl who had a crush on her homosexual guy friend when she was a kid and after 10 years, the guy is back as a 'real man.'
  • Change, For the Sake of Love - A story of a homosexual guy and how he changed himself when he realized that he fell in love with his girl best friend.
  • The Single Series 1: Sofia Alcantara - A story of how a force relationship between two people with different social status. (I haven't done the other sequel for this. It was supposed to have 5 stories).
And last 2009, I started making my 8th short story entitled Maid in Disguise. For the first time, I didn't wrote it on a notebook, I was typing it on my cousin's laptop.

It is a story of a girl named 'Snow' who was too curious about meeting his future fiance. Due to some happenings, she disguised herself as a maid so she can interact with 'August,' a bank owner who is that time in love with a famous Australian actress. It is written in Filipino language and composed of 10 chapters + Epilogue. With Romance + Humor as genre since I really like my readers to enjoy a light romance story.

I joined Wattpad last April 2012 and decided to upload my story there (my college classmate referred it to me and I wanna thank him for it XD)

As of now, January 19, 2014, Maid in Disguise has 15,597 reads, 137 votes. I really wanna thank you guys for reading my short story. I am so happy for your positive feed backs T_T
I never expected to have something like this. I mean, I am just a usual girl who is used to people that 'ignores my post' since other people don't have much 'time' to check the things I share (LOL. Oh well, I don't mind anyway).

As of now, I am currently writing the sequel of Maid in Disguise entitled: 'When Miss Hacker Meets the Millionaire.' I wanna say sorry if I didn't update it often. I have work as of now but I am trying my best to update it :)

You can download the ePub version of Maid in Disguise here. (Dropbox)
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I am happy to be a novelist! (n. fiction writer, prose writer, fictionist, story-teller, narrative writer, writer of novels)

Thanks for reading! ^__^v

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