DIY Project: Simple Flower Crown

I was browsing for some spring fashion collection when I saw some of the models have flower crowns. I got attracted on those. So I was thinking... If I could make a flower crown rather than just buying and at least I can personalize it. And since my first try to make a flower crown was good, I wanted to share to you guys how I did my D-I-Y Simple Flower Crown.

Things that you will need:

  • Some fake flowers
  • Green Florist wire (you can buy them at any flower shop/hardware/craft stores)*
  • Green Florist tape
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pliers/Scissors
*browse below for some alternatives.

  • Measure the wire around your head. Since I prefer mine to be thick, I decided to cut 3 pieces of wires. Don't forget to put some allowance so that we can twist and lock the wires.

  • Secure the end of wires with florist tape. This is to make sure that the wires will be securely together.

  • *Make a braid. It's up to you if you wanted it to be slightly loose or not.

  • Now get both ends of the wire and secure them by twisting the wire using pliers. Then cover it with tape.

  • Your wire is now ready! It should look like this.

  • Set aside your wire. Now get the fake flowers. For me I decided to choose these flowers. Then I arrange them on how I wanted it to be like.
  • Now to glue each flower on the wire:

a. Get the flower from its stem; b. Then cut the excess part of it using pliers or scissors; c. Use the hot glue gun at the back part of the flower; d. Glue the flower on the wire. Just continue the process for each flower.

And tada! Here's my Simple Flower Crown

*Some tips:
  • You can use a thick elastic band as an alternative for wires. Another thing that you can use as an alternative is to use a thin wire and cover it with a green tape. It may be time consuming but it can replace the florist wire if you can't find one. You can also use green twine.
  • Its up to you if you want to braid your wires or not. You can actually use one wire only and glue flowers on it.

So here is my DIY Simple Flower Crown! I hope you can use this as a guide to make your own! Remember your creativity is not the finding of a thing, but making something out of it until it is found 

Feel free to comment for some questions about this or share your own Flower crown 

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