47 Ronin in SM Cinemas

Are you looking for an International movie to watch this 2014? Something legendary, adventurous and thrilling? 47 Ronin might be for you! As its officially hits the theaters this January 8!

A Ronin is a samurai with no lord/master during feudal era of Japan. They became masterless when their master died or after the loss of his master's favor.

47 Ronin revolves around the story of revenge for their master, Asano Naganori after he commit ritual suicide for assaulting a court official named Kira Yoshinaka. The ronins avenged for their master by killing Kira.

Keanu Reeves portrays a role of a half-breed Samurai, who was adopted by Asano and fell in love with Asano's only daughter. He is one of the 47 Ronin who avenged for their master.

Last January 6, SM Megamall had their advance screening of 47 Ronin in 3D. The venue has its Japanese Gate or Torii  at the venue entrance. With cosplayers portraying as Ronins, people gather around to take pictures of them.

Before the movie, they provided buffet snacks for those who can watch the advance screening.

Inside the movie theater before the movie starts, they have draw lots which people have chance of winning 47 Ronin t-shirts and 47 Ronin inspired Flash drives.

All in all, 47 Ronin is one of the best movie to watch for the year 2014! The story-line is good, the castings are chosen well, the settings are good as it portrays the Japanese era that time.


Do you want a Samurai Experience tour in Tokyo? Watch 47 Ronin at SM Cinemas now!
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