Cosplay Experience: SM City Baliwag Christmas Cosplay Idol

I've been looking forward for the SM City Baliwag Christmas Cosplay Idol event by our group, Naruto Cosplayers Philippines (NCPH). It's been almost two years since I joined the group, and almost two years since the first time I saw them having a cosplay event at SM City Baliwag too.

I went to the mall exactly 10 o'clock am, expecting that my group mates are already there (but they are not :D). I wasn't informed that there would be a program at the event center first before our event. So what I did is to stroll around the bookstore and find some books. Then by 11 o'clock they arrive and we started preparing.

The whole day was so busy for me. I was assigned to be a marshall (for contestants registration). Even though we have free lunch, I didn't eat maybe because of too much coffee.

After my job is done and the program is about to start, I went to my next spot. To help tallying scores. I was got shocked when the host called me to sing the National Anthem. But I refused. He even tell something after the other host sang the National Anthem like being "maarte" (pretentious) is a "no-no." But I honestly don't care. I am a kind of person who is not used of facing so many people. It actually ruined my day for some reason. (I wasn't informed to do that F.Y.I).

So many talented cosplayers show-off their costumes plus their own talents. It was amazing that made me reminisce my first event at SM Baliwag that I attended as a member of the group.

After so many things to sort and so many things to tally, we ended up with the sets of winners. I was really happy for them.

I didn't able to take good pictures  So credits will be for NCPH Media Team. But all in all, the event went successful. After the event we had our mini dinner at SM Baliwag Food Court.

Very exhausting day. I can't even open my Dragon Nest to check my characters so I decided to take a nap. And I woke up at 2am to play (haha). But all in all, I ended up thinking that its been my two years in cosplay world (and F.Y.I I haven't cosplay any character that I give justice yet. Well soon ). It will be my last event for our group in this year as a vice-president of the organization. I somehow feel sad but happy at the same time. I wasn't that active since I lie-lowed for everything for almost seven months.

We at Naruto Cosplayers Philippines will be having events this January - February!
  • January 26, 2014 - Starmall Las Pinas
  • February 15, 2014 - Starland, 5th floor, Starmall Alabang
See you next events! Thanks for reading! ^__^v

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