DIY Project: Simple Bow Headband

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Do-it-Yourself Project #1! Everytime I browse pictures, especially lolita fashions, sweet lolita, gothic lolita, and etc., I got attracted to those big-bow headbands. Today I decided to make something out of those fabrics I have at home. Now I wanna share to you how did I made a Simple Bow Headband:

Things that you will need:

The things that you will be using for this D.I.Y project are:

  • Cloth of your choice. It can be plain, printed, etc.
  • Needles and threads, a pair of scissor
  • Plain headband. Preferably black.

So let's start!
  • From the cloth of your choice, measure 42 cm(width) x 24 cm (height). Do take note that the measurements are for guide only. You can adjust the sizes depending on what size of the bow you want. 
  • With good side facing down, fold the fabric into two folds horizontally with those end will overlap at the center.

  • Fold a 2 inch allowance on either left or right side of the fabric. This will be for hiding the rough edges of the cloth.
  • Now fold again the fabric into 2 folds vertically.

  • Now set it aside for a while. For the part in the middle of the bow, measure 24 cm (width) x 2 cm (height). You can adjust the width like making it a bit shorter than 24 cm.
  • Now get again the big part and do a pinch at the center of it. You can secure it by using a hot glue gun or by sewing.

  • Now get your headband, place the bow in the position you desired, and wrap the smaller cloth at the center together with the headband. Sew it to secure. Or you can also just wrap the smaller cloth at the big bow's middle part, sew it to secure, then insert the head band.

This is my Simple Bow Headband. Now its up to you if whether you want to place the bow. At the side, at the middle, etc.


I'm not that good in explaining the steps (I'm so sorry T_T) but I hope this will help you guys. Just remember we can do something out of those things that we have at home. See you again!

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