Cherry Convention 2013

Last March 9 and March 10, one of the biggest event by Cherry Credits here in the Philippines was held - the Cherry Convention 2013. Since January this event was publicized with no unsure date. But for us Dragon Nest Players, we all got excited after announcing the exact date of the said event and can't wait to see how grand this event would be.

The Cherry Convention 2013 was held at 5th Level, Mega B, SM Megatrade Hall 1 & 2 @ SM Megamall (where cosplay events usually held). As I browsed the promotional poster of the event, I got excited with the 'Cosplay Concerto' and the 'Dragon Nest Speed Match.' So even though that time,* time that my allowance was so little*, I still manage to buy a ticket for the Cherry Con's 2nd day event. (The ticket price is Php 250.00 *sobs*). 

These freebies (including the 7-11 tumbler, Dragon Nest Green Dragon & Avatar Star Poster, Dragon Nest Baller, and so much more), was given as I enter the event. And for sure most of the people who entered the event was happy for those freebies *grins.* And also, there are titles that was given to each person who will enter the event. They can choose from 'Alodia loves' or 'Mineski Vs.' Well that night after I came home from that event and entered the code to claim the title, I found out the stats of those given titles:

Attk Power: +20~20
Magic Power: +20~20
Max HP: +1000
Max MP: +1000
Final Damage: +10 *seems good enough :D*

There are 250 PC's on the event for the players to play. The first half is for the 'Dragon Nest Speed Match' and the other one is for the players who wanted to try the new upcoming game by Cherry Credits called the 'Avatar Star.' And of course, *I am fully aware that I'm not very fond of doing PVP *except for my Alchemist soon to be Adept Character** I still tried to play the Speed Match.

*huhu so here comes the PC station where I first seated. haha* Before you entered to the PVP area, you will be first asked if what character you will be playing. And after you seated and log in the character, you will be the one to arrange your preferred skill build. Then you and your seatmate will be the one to battle 1 vs 1. Unfortunately to me *I used my Gear Master build,* was defeated at the 2nd try *sobs* by a Saleana. 

(Picture taking with the Cosplayers -[Left-Academic][Right-Archer])

Lots of amazing cosplayers showed their awesome Dragon Nest Cosplay costumes and skit on the 'Cosplay Concerto' at afternoon. And to my amazement, *laughs* everytime there's a Cleric cosplayer, the mobs were shouting like 'Jump Shot!' because of the 'gayish :D' jump gesture by the Clerics. 

(Player's forum with GM Adriano and Producer Addison Kang explaining the upcoming new big patch and the new character Kali!)

Overall, the Cherry Convention event went successful. As for me, I was looking for people that I might know in DN world and maybe also in that event as me. I really was looking forward for the next Cherry Convention. And I damned wish that my new friends will be there. I would like to meet them personally and bond with them. <3 Thanks for reading! ^__^

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